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Welcome to the Official Ammon Bundy Defense Cause
Stand Up For Freedom!
Ammon Bundy, along with his father Cliven, and brothers Ryan, Davey and Mel, along with several supporters are being held in federal prison (for now more than a year) awaiting trial on federal conspiracy charges in Nevada, for protesting illegal government overreach and an abusive and corrupt BLM agenda to destroy the Bundy Family's 100+ year old ranch.  Federal prosecutors are hoping to keep Ammon and his politically active family in prison for the rest of their lives.  
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The good news is attorney Morgan Philpot from the Oregon case has recently been admitted to the NV case, and Ammon needs your support to maximize his strategic and aggressive defense .
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* Donations of any size are helpful, and all who donate any amount are added to our official "legal team" update mailing list so that you can receive legal updates going forward.
The upcoming Nevada trial for Ammon, his father and brothers and other key defendants, is the next round of a long battle. And, after the first NV trial resulted in several convictions and a mistrial on the majority of the counts - the importance of YOUR SUPPORT now is more critical than ever. When Ammon's legal team has not been involved (i.e. the second OR trial and the first NV trial), the defense strategy has been unclear and largely ineffective. On the other hand, Ammon's legal team was instrumental in securing a dramatic and shocking trial victory in Oregon this past October, where a unanimous acquittal on all conspiracy charges sent a powerful message to federal prosecutors and overreaching federal bureaucrats. Now, Ammon is awaiting a Nevada trial (along with his father, brothers and online radio personality Pete Santilli), currently scheduled for June 26, 2017. Donating to Ammon's legal defense is not only helping Ammon, it's about all of us, and fighting for a free society, governed by the principles and text of the United States Constitution. Join the cause today, and help free Ammon and the broader the cause of liberty! 
Not Sure What This Case is About and
Why It's Vital To Your Own Personal Liberty?
Watch the video below if you aren't familiar with this case, Ammon Bundy, and the Bundy Family, and if you're not familiar with why winning this legal case is vital to your own personal freedom.
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* Thank you in advance, for your support. This site is independently maintained by friends and supporters of Ammon Bundy. Any visitor with questions regarding this being the Official site for supporting Ammon's legal defense may direct their questions directly to Mr. Philpot who can verify that 100% of the funds donated here, do in fact go to support Ammon's legal defense - which also includes the broader effort for a legal victory on behalf of all Nevada defendants. You can reach Mr. Philpot via email morgan [at] or telephone (801) 810 - 8369.
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